This a Strongman Corporation sanctioned competition for beginner to intermediate level strongman/strongwoman.  The intent is to introduce men and women to the great strongman sport.

If there are two to five athletes in a weight class:

1st place – National (2024) and Regionals (2024) invite
2nd place – Regionals (2024) invite
3rd place – Regionals (2024) invite

If there are six or more athletes in a weight class:

1st place – Nationals (2024) and Regionals (2024) invite
2nd place – Nationals (2024) and Regionals (2024) invite
3rd place – Regionals (2024) invite
4th place – Regionals (2024) invite

You must be member or join Strongman Corporation: Contest License

Early weigh-in Friday, Feb. 9th, 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Saturday, Feb. 10th:  Late Weigh-in 7:00 AM to 8:00 AM
Contest: 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM

Contest is open to everyone.  Open Weight Categories are:  

Lightweight Women -140 lb.; 
Middleweight Women – 180 lb.;
Heavyweight Women 181 lb. and above; 

Lightweight Men -175 lb.; 
Welter weight -200lb; 
Middleweight Men -231 lb.; 
Heavyweight Men -265lblb; 
Super Heavyweight Men 266lb and above.  

Teen, and Masters:  Lightweight -220lb.; Heavyweight 221lb. and above.
Teen and Masters (40+): and Novice Women Lightweight -160lb.; Heavyweight 161lb. and above.

Weight categories with less three (3) registered athletes on November 10th will be combined with next category above; but using the weight of the lowest weight category athlete registered.

Athletes will compete in: Super yoke carry(50') into Log press for reps(3 reps) -- Deadlift ladder (1 rep, 1 rep, 3 reps) -- Stone to Shoulder series -- Strongman Squat -- Shield Carry (max distance)

Entry fee;

$100 if registered by October 31st
$125 registered after November 1st - January 15th
Late registration, January 16th – February 1st - $150

Registration closes February 2nd. 


Timed events shall be hand timed, and distances shall be measured by standard measuring device.  The score in a event shall be determined by placement and based on the number of athletes starting in the first event of the contest.

Winner of an event gets MAXIMUM points (10 If 10 athletes in class), second place 9 points etc. If an Athlete passes on a event or fails to get a measurable result in a event, they will receive zero (0) points (i.e. fails to get one repetition in a event for maximum repetitions, fails to lift the opening weight in a max lift, fails to participate in event etc.).  The score for a placement shall remain the same through an entire competition (i.e. if the maximum points is 10 points in the first event (field of 10 athletes), it will remain 10 points in subsequent events even if the field of athletes has been reduced by attrition).   The score in all 5 events counts in overall standing.

Schedule of Events:

Weigh-in Friday, February 9th , 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Weigh-in Saturday, February 10th: LATE Weigh-in 7:00 AM

8:30am - Rules Meeting
9:00am - Super yoke (50’) to Log Clean and Press (3 reps) --- 60 second time limit
11:00am – Deadlift Ladder (1 rep, 1 rep, 3 reps) --- 60 second time limit
1:00pm – Stone to shoulder MAX --- Heavier stone trumps reps
3:00pm – Strongman Squat --- Max reps 60 second time limit
5:00pm – Shield Carry for Max Distance --- 60 second time limit
6:30pm - Award Ceremony

Schedule of events and order are subject to change


Competition Event Rules


Athletes will carry the yoke 50’ down to a log where they will then clean and press all 3 reps. Must wait for DOWN command for rep to count. 12” log for men: 8” log for women. 60 second time limit.

Athlete will start behind the first implement awaiting the ‘go’ command. Athlete will complete 1 rep on the standard bar, 1 rep on the axle and wheels, and 3 reps with the frame. Must wait for DOWN command on all reps. 60 second time limit

Athlete will start behind the stone. When hearing the 'GO' command, they will proceed to lift and shoulder their stone of choice. Must wait for 'Down' command. Will have a 60 second time limit. Heavier stone trumps all lighter stones. Heaviest stone for reps wins. 

Athletes will start under the bar. Timer starts when the athlete is in their squat position. Each athlete must squat to 90deg (height will be set at weigh ins). Athlete will squat as many reps as possible. Must wait for DOWN command. 60 second time limit.

Athlete will stand beside the shield, shield will be elevated for pick assistance. Athlete will carry the shield for max distance (50’ each way) with 60 second time limit.  

Gear Allowed – belts, all sleeves, grip shirts, wrist wraps, straps (figure 8 and standard), tacky towels, stone sleeves (no tacky on sleeves) 
Gear NOT allowed – suits of any kind. Liquid tacky.